Examination requirements and the theory of music

Most examination boards require a level of theory achieved by each pupil for them to progress to the higher grades. This requirement can be different for each of the boards used.

1st 4 Reeds will provide all the information that is needed for our pupils to work through their examination grades and provide necessary tuition in music theory. As the pupil progresses through this process it may be necessary for this part of their music education to be separated from their practical lessons.

Testimonials of past pupils at 1st4reeds-andover.co.uk

What do past pupils think of their learning experience?

Chris from Reading says:-

"My lessons with 1st 4 Reeds were fantastic, I learnt so much about music and playing the clarinet. I achieved grade 8 before going to university which really helped with my placement".

Carla from Bransgore says:-

"I had so much fun in my clarinet lessons and achieved so much, after my university years I joined a wind band and still having musical enjoyment".

Jo from Twyford, Berkshire says:-

"As an adult student I found my lesson with 1st 4 Reeds really good, they adapt to my needs and provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed!.